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IC electronic components

Publicado: 10 Ene 2022 00:42
por PandaTreasure
The LTC®6813-1 is a multi-cell battery pack monitor that measures up to 18 cells in series The total measurement error is less than 2.2mV. The 0V to 5V measurement range of this battery makes the LTC6813HLWE-1#3ZZPBF suitable for most battery chemistries. All 18 cells can be measured in 290µs, and lower data acquisition rates can be selected for high noise reduction. Multiple LTC6813-1 devices can be connected in series, allowing long high voltage battery packs to be monitored simultaneously. Each LTC6813HLWE-1#3ZZPBF has an isoSPI interface for high-speed, RF-immune, long-range communications. Multiple devices can be daisy-chained to all devices through a host processor connection chain. The daisy chain operates in both directions, ensuring communication integrity even in the event of a communication path failure. The LTC6813HLWE-1#3ZZPBF can be powered directly from a battery pack or isolated power supply. The LTC6813-1 includes passive balancing for each cell with individual per-cell PWM duty cycle control. Other features include an onboard 5V regulator, nine general-purpose I/O lines, and a sleep mode that reduces current consumption to 6µA.

Scope of application
1. Electric and hybrid electric vehicles
2. Backup battery system
3. grid energy storage
4. High-power portable equipment